Pet Daycare

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Daycare Programme



All DayCare doggos will participate in The Active Programme.


This starts with a high intensity cardio swim followed by low intensity activities in the shallows that are great for socialisation and building confidence.


After a rinse and blow dry and a quick nap, it's down to the Clubhouse for nosework, solving puzzles and socialisation. And, weather permitting, we may also hit The Activity Course for some scent trails or "BarkCore" activities

Please ensure your doggo is fed at least 2 hours prior to arriving for daycare as swimming is the first activity of the day.


The Active Programme has 3 parts: Firstly, the Active Swim, a high intensity 15 minutes cardio swim to burn off nervous energy. This is followed by 45 minutes of Active Play where fun is everything. Balls, frisbees, floats and water features to create safe opportunities for the doggos to interact and grow in confidence. After this, it's down to the Clubhouse for a quick nap followed by puzzles & nosework.



Item Description
Sociability Assessment
All doggos are required to attend before joining daycare
$30 per session
Daycare Pass (5 sessions)
3 months validity from date of purchase*
$325 to $425 (depending on weight of dog)
Daycare Pass (10 sessions)
4 months validity from date of purchase*
$600 to $800 (depending on weight of dog)
Daycare Pass (20 sessions)
6 months validity from date of purchase*
$1000 to $1400 (depending on weight of dog)
*Extra charges if applicable

Doggy Enrichment!

We complement what you are able to provide for your doggo at home. Creating opportunities for your doggo to socialize with other hoomans and doggos while having maximum fun. Allowing them to explore new territories in a safe environment. Additionally, and most importantly by especially focusing on activating their sense of smell we hope to condition them to rely more on this sense. We want calmer and more confident dogs, we want to condition balance.

Safety is Our Priority

We want our Active Programme doggos to be free, able to explore and engage at will. We also want them to be safe. For this reason, we group doggos by their temperament or play style.

Additionally, your doggo needs to have a valid core vaccination – Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Adenoviruss, Canine Parainfluenza Virus & Leptospirosis (serovars: canicola, grippotyphosa, icterohaemorrhagiae, pomona) in place and we would also recommend a kennel cough vaccination. Your dog will also need to be on a tick and flea prevention regime.



Jeremy T
Had my two boys boarded over the long weekend and I'm glad to have a comfortable and clean place where they can stay with a good amount of exercise time and well taken care of. My gratitude and thanks to Mutts & Mittens Active team for taking such great care of my boys.
Mei Jun
Fatfat loves going to daycare! Staff will send updates on how she is doing and she's like a small kid going to an enrichment class to learn new things that engaged her mentally + physically. Thumbs up and kudos to the staff at Mutts & Mittens Active!
Joanne Ka
Hazel definitely had a lovely time at Mutts & Mittens. The staffs were so friendly, reassuring, understanding and loving prior to and during her time there. I am glad to say that I am certain to I have finally found the place and people that I can truly trust to look after my babygirl!
Sharon Tan
Very satisfied and assured that JJ was under your team's care knowing he will be well taken care of. The camera is really a plus point for us to see our baby at anytime, puts our mind at ease. Boarding cabin was clean and spacious. Would love to board JJ with your team in future. Thanks again

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